The Mommy Money Formula – How To Become A Financially Independent Stay At Home Mom

stay at home mom

stay at home mom
More and more moms these days are making the choice to stay at home with their children.  And while this decision is a valiant one, sometimes it can put a financial strain on the family.

As a result, many stay at home moms are finding ways to make extra income by starting up a home based business. When you are your own boss, you choose what you do and when you work. Only have a few hours when the kids are napping…No problem. Build your business in just a few hours a day.

What makes an online business so attractive is that it allows people with little time, a limited start-up budget and minimal experience to create a business that would be impossible in the offline world.

So how can you make an income from home while the kids are at school or taking a midday nap?

Here you will find ideas for starting a legitimate home based business. This post does NOT offer job “opportunities,” taking surveys, MLM, or pyramid schemes. This guide DOES provide you with a number of ideas for generating income in your spare time from home through blogging and online businesses.

The Mommy Money Formula – How To Become A Financially Independent Stay At Home Mom

As wives, women and moms, we each have been blessed with our own gifts and talents. So why not take that passion, interest or gift and turn them into a lucrative home based business.

If you are finally ready to have something to call your own – something that will help keep you free from frumpy mom syndrome while also earning you a steady income -this free report is dedicated to you.

This guide is all about how stay-at-home moms can make good money with online businesses, blogs and websites. My hope is that by the end of this guide you leave thinking that it is possible.

Not just for stay-at-home moms

Obviously this report is not just for stay at home moms. Anyone who has a desire to make a career change, that has a desire to take their creativity and share it with others would do extremely well building and online business

But with that said…running an online business is not for everyone either.

And while this guide is not just for the stay at home moms out there, I also want to forewarn you that entrepreneurship is not for everyone either. Some people do not have the work ethic, capacity or heart to create a successful online business.  Part of this guide is going to be dedicated to discovering whether or not you think you are equipped to make entrepreneurship work for you.

Why stay-at-home moms are successful business owners 

The inspiration for this guide came from the sheer amount of moms online, who are looking for ways to being anew, start over, or develop and grow an online business or profitable blog.

You see them in the forums, on Facebook and other social networks searching for answers on how to start a home business. Their quest for some independent financial freedom, while still devoting their whole life to their young children, is inspiring.

Many of us are or know women who sacrifice career and personal dreams to stay at home but still continue to develop their interests and passions on the side. And that is why I believe stay-at-home moms are extremely good candidates for running successful online businesses: They are structured, know the importance of a routine and have the discipline to succeed amidst numerous distractions.

Understanding how to maximize your time and lay out a proper workday is a talent and a gift many professional entrepreneurs would love posses. Moms, just get it! They know how to delegate, outsource and develop systems that allow them to automate a daily system that gets things done. Efficient and effective my necessity, they make the most out of the time they have. And while these traits may not be true for every mom out their, but many moms I know fit the bill.

So can you make an online business work as a stay at home mom?

There is no doubt that all moms have qualities that would make them a good fit for online business. And with that said, it does not necessarily mean entrepreneurship is a good fit for you. If you are unsure, ask yourself the following questions…Can you:

  • Dedicate a consistent amount of time to business building activities every single day? Successful home-based business owners are consistent in their efforts. While it is important to understand that to build a profitable business you need to commit a minimum of 2 -3 hours a day to turn any significant profit. If your lifestyle only allows you to allocate 1 hour while the kids are napping, you must be realistic in your expectations, understanding that the growth of your business will be slower than most. But while your progress may be slow, know that with consistency you can build a very lucrative business over time.
  • Deal with failure? A big part of business is knowing how to manage failure and setbacks. It’s par for the course. It’s how you deal with these challenges that will dictate how much success you have. You must have the right mindset to build a business. Are you mentally tough enough to deal with failures, pick up the pieces and start again?
  • Generate an action plan and carry it through? Are you able to take ideas, goals, and strategies and turn them into a solid marketing plan? And then have the discipline to implement your plan? As a stay at home mom, distractions are and always will be present. Do you have the ability to prioritize income-producing tasks that get you one step closer to your goals?
  • Reinvest a portion of the money you make? It takes money to make money. It is important to reinvest a minimum of 30% of your profits back into your online business. That includes marketing, resources, tools, and personal development. Rapid growth comes from leveraging your time and revenue the right way. Don’t be so scared to hold on to your money that you don’t let it work for you. This is an extremely important lesson that means the difference between success and failure.

If you are confident in the knowing you can accomplish these crucial steps then you will put yourself in a great position to succeed. The biggest challenge in starting an online business is belief. Believing you have the basic skills to build success on, believing you can develop the qualities necessary to over come any limitations you might think you have. If you are willing to do the basics we discussed above you are well on your way to superstardom!

So where do I start?

Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start things off. You feel like you are ready to do something, to throw yourself into a new pursuit, but you aren’t sure how to kick off. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t that hard – you just need someone to point you in the right direction.

1.     Start With Your Destination

Many times we stay at home entrepreneurs just jump in with the singular goal to make money but they fail to determine from the onset how they are going to achieve that goal. It is better to take the time in the beginning to outline who you will monetize your blog or website. And that is the important point here, start at the end. Before you jump in to your new blog or website you should think about exactly what will be the end product. Do this by considering things like:

  • What will I sell? Will you use affiliate programs, promote a home-based business opportunity, will you create and market your own products and services?
  • Who is my target audience? Who will want you products and information the most? Who can you help the most? And do you have a site that caters to buying customers? Sometimes while our ideas for a home business are good, do they have the potential to make you money? So it’s not good enough to just know whom your target market will be but is that audience large enough to generate a solid income for you.
  • Do I have the content, tools and resources? What is the goal for attracting people to your site? What are you going to do to get them to your site?  What do you want to do with them once they land on your blog? Is your goal to get them on your subscriber list? Is it to drive them to your products and services? If you are driving people with your blog content is it high quality? Is it what your audience is looking for? Are you providing strong calls to action that will move people to take the next step with you?

Rather than just starting and hoping you find some direction along the way, you should begin by thinking very carefully about what you will sell, to whom and how. This is very important.

2.     Check your passions against your desired income

The second most important thing to remember is that while you want to build a business within your passions, your passions may not be a huge money draw. So whether you start a blog or a product website or some other form of online business you need to make sure it is about something you love but something that has the potential to help you meet you financial goals. If you start an online business that you don’t love you will soon give up but if you start a business you don’t make any money from, you will soon give you too!

Let’s be clear here. Running an online business can often be time consuming, overwhelming and frustrating. Sometimes you have to get up and instead of checking your bank balance you need to find out why your servers have been down all night. Or instead of looking at your new email subscribers you find that your account has been suspended. And if you are tired from being up all night with your baby or fighting fires at home you will soon find yourself throwing your hands up in surrender.

Start at your destination and don’t start at all unless you have a goal of doing something you love and that makes you money. Think carefully about something you are passionate about – what are your hobbies, what skill-sets do you have, what solutions have you already solved, what questions do other people tend to constantly ask you about. Pull from something you already know and something you can see yourself doing every single day, even when things are not perfect. What would you be excited to get up in the wee hours of the morning to do and stay up late burning the midnight oil to complete. That is a sure-fire way to make sure you succeed through the tougher times.

Different ways stay-at-home moms make money online

What I want to do now is go through a few of the main ways stay-at-home moms can make good money online. By no means is this an exhaustive list. Rather, what I have done is thought about the most efficient and time saving ways that moms can explore. The idea is to get online for 30 minutes to one hour a day and make some good money after a few short months.

1.     Product review sites and blogs

The first online business model I want to talk about is product review sites and blogs. This is an awesome way to build up a consistent income over the weeks, months and years. A good portion of my residual income comes from this method.

How do product review sites work?

A product review site is basically a mini-blog that focuses on reviewing products and types of products that fall within a particular niche. For example, if you know a lot about jewelry making. You may want o to start a jewelry making for beginners site where provide step-by-step instructions or video tutorials on how to make beautiful jewelry. In addition to that you keep your audience up to date on the latest trends, tools and materials they can use in their jewelry making. You can list tools and related products (that you earn income from) and review them based on common features like:

  • Look and feel
  • Materials
  • Effectiveness/Durability
  • Price range
  • Etc.

You would be surprised at how many different products you need to have to make jewelry. For example, if you show people how to make a necklace, you can detail each material you used along with the price and your affiliate link. You can also sell the piece(s) you created. Another profit pulling option is to have books or digital downloads related to jewelry making for sale on your site.

Want to know which products are the best? Check out sites such as Amazon, ClickBank and other online marketplaces to see what people are saying and buying as it pertains to a specific product or niche.

How does a product review blog make you money?

Google indexes your posts and ranks your content according to its relevancy. The search engines drive traffic based on the quality of your content.  By focusing your content on reviewing and rating products you will find that your visitors are all ready to buy – they are searching online shopping for certain products. For this reason you can make money with:

  •, eBay and other affiliate stores: Amazon and eBay pay out commissions for every visitor you refer that makes a purchase. For example, if you have reviewed a jewelry-making tool and have a link to that tool so people can buy it online you make money.
  • Adsense: Adsense, is a nice way to monetize your traffic, and is very easy to implement. Adsense is ideal for product review sites and once in place you can drive profits fairly easy. By placing Adsense ads at the bottom and top of each product you review you can get highly relevant ads that pay as much as $1 to $5 every time someone clicks them. This can equate to several thousand a month, especially if you have many reviews or review sites.
  • Advertising: If your review site gets enough traffic you might begin getting request from advertisers that want to leverage your traffic and pay you for it. There are a number of blogs that have advertising banner slots in their sidebars or at the top of their blog.

As you create additional content and review more products you will find that the income gradually increases and increases. As your site gains some exposure and becomes trusted as a notable review site, your residual income will begin to grow.

2.     Expert sites and blogs

The second type of model I want to talk to you about is an expert site. This is very similar to what I do at {the name of your blog} and it is a great way to develop a long lasting, sustainable source of income with just a little bit of work each day.

How do expert blog sites work?

With an expert site you are basically writing about a particular topic that you have expertise in. For example, if you went were a photographer you might want start a blog about photography. Or if you are really into living healthy with raw foods, you could create the most incredible raw food meals; you could record how you made them and begin sharing recipes, ideas and grocery tips.

The thing about expert blogs and websites is you can make really hone in on a narrow niche. The key is to put your own spin on it, giving it your own flair and style. For example, I know there are blogs out there which are solely about body building They discuss weight, diet plans, events, success stories, fat loss tricks, etc. With even a very narrow topic you can find a plethora of things to write about. And if you put a personal touch on it you will find that you’ll attract a loyal following that resonates with your style and unique personality. 

How do expert blogs make money?

The interesting thing about expert blogs is that you can make money with all the same methods as the review sites except you now have a second and much more powerful method to tap in to – email marketing. Sounds confusing I know but it really isn’t. It is an extremely simple, hassle-free way to create a serious stream of residual income.

Here’s how it works:

  • Set up an expert blog: Choose a domain name and start creating content around your niche. If you are setting up a self-hosted site you want to make sure you invest in an inexpensive blog host. You will also want to install a WordPress blog template onto that host.
  • Sign up for Aweber and install it on your blog: Aweber is an email service that allows you to capture people’s name and email address and then send them out your blog posts and follow up emails automatically. The money is in your list and growing your email list is your number one priority as an online business owner. You can get a $1 trial here.
  • Grow a loyal network of followers: Your blog should be designed in a way that encourages a growing, active community of like-minded individuals who love your content, trust your recommendations and expertise. If you can be perceived as the go-to authority in your niche you can create unlimited income potential. The key is to develop a relationship with your followers and so they learn to like and trust you.
  • Connect with other industry bloggers: The fastest way to grow your influence is to connect and mastermind with other bloggers and entrepreneurs in your area of expertise. A great way to initiate these relationships is to begin with guest blogging. As a guest blogger you write and submit high quality guest posts to other top-notch blogs. This is a great way to get new visitors to your site, gain exposure and develop long-term partnerships with key industry leaders.
  • Launch your own signature product: The final step is to launch your own signature product and promote it to your email list and readers. If you have a list of a few thousand people that love your work you will be able to promote services and products to them quite easily. This can be a very complicated process so make sure you subscribe to my list because I am going to be sharing some tips and secrets in this area very soon.

3. A journey blog

The final blog model I want to share with you id s journey blog. This is like your own personal case study and you are allowing people to watch you as you grow your online business. This type of transparency can be very appealing to building personal connections with your audience.  This type of blog is very similar to an expert site except here you are sharing your experience and results along the way, as you do it, as opposed to positioning yourself as an expert. This style of blog has some very distinct advantages:

  • It is easier: These posts are fairly easy to write because you are simply sharing your experiences and any results you have achieved along the way.
  • You can be yourself: Here you can be a little more unconventional and shoot from the heart. While you should always be authentic, when you are sharing a journey you tend to be more heart-felt and natural. For many people this is what real success is about – sharing experiences and learning from them in a way that helps others know they can achieve the same results.
  • It is easier to get a community: You will find that people in your niche naturally become quite loyal to you. For example, if you made your first $1000 online and you chronicled every thing you did – shared your challenges, triumphs and everything in between – you will find a lot of understanding marketers out there who want to read what your have to say because they can easily relate to it.

How does it make money?

This type of site capitalizes on attracting followers and does well from growing an email list where you can promote related products.

For example, let’s say you were recently diagnosed with kidney disease. You can blog about how you had to adjust your diet and lifestyle. You can write emails to your list promoting products or resources that you now use to maintain a better quality of life. These products could include healthy meal plans, vitamins, weight loss food and workout tips.  As long as you are adding value to your readers’ lives you will find that they can be quite active purchasers.

Doing The Math…

The last thing I want to leave you with is a little bit of simple math. The idea of this post was not to give you a complete step by step tutorial but rather to inspire you with a few ideas that would get your motivated and move your forward in your desire to you’re your own financial freedom. This simple math keeps me encouraged:

1. Set up costs

Set up costs for an online business is close to zero.

  • A domain name: Between $8 – $10 dollars a year.
  • A hosting account: As low as $3.95 per month from Hostgator.
  • Total cost per year: About $50.

For around $50 you can start your own professional blog that can, after a few months, earn you a consistent amount of money. This is a massive difference to doing anything in the offline world.

Why Hostgator?

The reason I recommend Hostgator as a blogging host is because they have incredible customer support and easy one-click WordPress installation to get you started fast. That takes a lot of stress out of getting your business off the ground.

2. Potential earnings

Now let’s take a look at some potential earnings from an expert style blog like {name of your blog}

  • Get 100 visitors per day (very easy after two or three months)
  • Convert 3- 5% of visitors into email subscribers = 1825 subscribers per year.
  • Sell one eBook (or an affiliate product that gives you equal commissions) a day or convert to 20% of your list = $13,505 in your first year.

To be honest these numbers are very conservative because if you write a lot of content on a consistent basis there is a good chance you will get a lot more subscribers.

So are you ready to begin sharing your passion with others and growing a profitable online business from it?

You only have one decision to make:

Get started today as a mompreneur or let other another year go feeling trapped and frustrated knowing you are not living up to your full potential!

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How much faster would you go into profit mode?

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