The Ultimate Guide To Creating Ebooks That Turn Your Expertise Into Easy Money

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Tired of creating products that turn to digital dust? Turn your expertise into easy money with this fail-proof guide to creating read-worthy ebooks that give your influence and income an instant boost. If you have no idea how to write an ebook, let alone a money-making ebook, then this is the guide for you. I’ve written ebooks that have that have banked me over $4800 in one day, so I know what it takes to turn an idea into an instant seller. If you’re ready to write your ebook the EZ-way, smack that “Buy Now” button now and let’s turn that message of yours into a money-making masterpiece.


Ebooks The Easy Way76-page EZ MONEY EBOOK

Ebooks The Easy WayEZ MONEY EXERCISES + Action Sheets
EZ MONEY EXTRAS + Resource List


  • How to churn out money-making ebooks the EZ-way, even if you swear you’re “not a writer”.
  • The 3 EZ MONEY MOVES for writing, branding and launching ebooks that sell like hot cakes.
  • How to brand and design ebook pages and graphics that pop, taking your ebook from budget to beautiful.
  • Info and instructions on how you can use Canva to create your own ebook cover image.
  • How to find your perfect-fit customers – yep the one’s who are just waiting to snatch up your products + services.
  • The EZ MONEY planning hacks for busting out a completed ebook in days (not months).
  • The exact exercises I use to outline and research my ebook to make sure I don’t leave out what my students crave the most.
  • The formulas to help you write your ebook’s promise statement so customers are crystal clear on the value you deliver.
  • How to get your ebook in front of thousands using EZ MONEY marketing strategies that attract droves of buyers.
  • How to price your ebook to sell without short-changing yourself or pissing off potential customers.
  • How to deliver your ebook using a simple automation system that will have you slanging ebooks in your sleep. Cha-ching!
  • How to developing an ebook launch plan + full marketing plan checklist.
  • Tons of ideas on how to sell your ebook and how to pick the right promotional platforms for you.
  • The secrets to setting-up + styling successful sales pages that will have customers smacking that buy now button.
  • and more!