Making Money Blogging: Monetizing Your Blog

make money bloggingAt the end of the day, after all the technical stuff and platform options have been settled, you want to know how you can create a blog that actually makes you money. Blogging has become one of the easiest ways to create profits and for online marketers with minimal technical knowledge, it should be a primary tool in your marketing arsenal.

So as we get your blog up and running eventually the opportunities to earn income from your online activities are going to be more than you can imagine. Here are just a handful of the many ways online marketers like you can turn a ordinary blog into an extraordinary income stream:

  • Review Sites – A blog that includes reviews on niche products, companies, tools or opportunities can make a LOT of money if it can drive traffic. The goal is to find a money making niche that needs reviews and build a solid readership that trusts your recommendations.
  • List Building – Every online marketer should implement list building strategies as a money making tactic. The gold is in the list and generating leads should be your #1 priority. Whether¬† you have a pop-up or in-line opt in form on your blog sidebar, the name of the game is to turn visitors into leads which opens up the opportunity to build a long term relationship that can be leveraged for sales.
  • Squeeze Pages – Using a blog as a squeeze page requires putting together valuable content the visitor will be willing to opt in for to get additional information from you.¬† A blog is the perfect platform to generate leads.
  • Banner Ads – Banner Ads are images with links to a squeeze page or offer and high traffic sites can make passive money through strategically placed banner ads. Banner ads take advantage of valuable real estate on your blog.
  • Direct Sales – More and more network marketers, MLMers and small business owners are using WordPress to drive sales. They provide plugins for processing payments, creating memberships and managing large blocks off content within that membership site.
  • AdSense – Any blog can benefit from AdSense advertisements. AdSense placement works best when you have a true authority site that drives high volumes of traffic.
  • Viral Hub – Creating pillar posts that contain links, videos and images make for viral content that attracts not only new readers but opens to door for quality partnerships which can take your business and income to new heights.

As you can see there are a TON of ways to make money with your blog and what we’ve covered above is just the tip of the iceberg. As we continue this series, I’ll touch on everything above and more as we move toward building a profit pulling blog that generates automated income.


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