Info-Product Creation Starter Series: Intermediate Product Creation

creating information products that sellWhen building a business online, the opportunity the sell the pure value content you create as an additional stream of income becomes very real. You want to make sure that what you are providing as a paid product is packed with value and has solid benefits to the person purchasing it. There are so many products online that are filled with fluff and watered-down content that many times customers feel frustrated and disappointed.

The key to developing a loyal customer base that buys from you again and again is making sure that the information products you recommend or sell yourself will get them results and it will be a product that they will want to recommend to their friend, associates, and own email list.

Info-Product Creation Starter Series: Intermediate Product Creation

description=”Intermediate Product Creation”

Video Transcript:

In this video I am going to give you an overview on how info products work and how simple they are to create. Creating an information product is very simple. All you need is a product, a way to package that product, and a place to store the product online so your customers can get access to it.

So our product is going to have 2 modules with 45 minute videos, a pdf worksheet and a bonus video (20 minutes).

So we are going to use camtasia. Start recording our presentation, once that is done recording you’ll save the file, save it Module 1, then we want to click share and save it as a mp4 movie file ( it’s important that you save your videos in a format that both pc and mac users can access – so mp4 is perfect) and you can save it in a designated folder or to your desktop.

So here on my desktop you can see I recorded 2 more videos, another module and a bonus video.  Now we need to create our worksheet guide. You can use apple pages if you are on a mac, save it as bonus worksheet then export it as a pdf and putting it on your desktop or in the folder with your other product components. if you are using a PC you can create the document in word and save it as a pdf.

So the next step is to set up the sales funnel that will take visitors through the buying process.

The process is going to look something like this:

Customer lands on sales page with from a direct link or from a lead capture page ===> short presentation highlighting the content and strategies you are going to be sharing with them once they purchase the product. When then purchase your product they are taken to paypal secure their order then redirected back to the product page or membership site where they would need to get access to their product.

Here we are in wordpress and i am creating a new product page that will house our training product. I am using the optimizepress theme which is a software that allows me to easily create sales pages, lead capture pages and membership sites.  So we’ve created a page here called “Sample Paid Product Page” where we want to put our videos and bonus download on. This is the page where the customer will access their product and download.

So we can go to amazon S3 and upload the videos to their server so we don’t have to slow down our own blog or website hosting videos. Well take the url, open up viperquicktags and insert the url here and We can do this for all of the videos and this is what our page will look like.

To upload our worksheet we’ll need to open up our cpanel (I am here in mine with hostgator) under the public_html section I will go to my contents sections and upload the pdf. I will give the file a name, make sure their are no spaces in between or you can put dashes between the words. I’ll simply call mine “bonusproduct”

So when I head back to my sample product page I can put something like: click here to download the bonus worksheet and it will open up a pdf.

So lets make sure that works. so you see here I was able to download the bonus worksheet.

So the next step is to create your sales pages where you will have a video presentation explaining  the value your potential buyers will get when they access the product along with a buy now button. You can use software that helps you generate these types of products, I use optimize press to create all of my sales pages and lead capture pages.

So I would come in to my wordpress blog that uses optimize press theme and So here I have my Sample Product Sales Page which potential buyers are sent to view a direct link or they may have landed on this page by opting in to one of your lead capture pages.

So the customer sees a short presentation highlighting the content and strategies you are going to be sharing with them once they purchase the product and you want to have a buy now button.

So we can head over to paypal, create our button, call this bonus product with the price of $137 and this time we can  scroll down and under step 3 we want to redirect our customer the the page that contains our video course product and bonus worksheet download.

The url to my product page is called

So we’ve copied the html code for our paypal button and pasted it into our sales pages and this is what our finished sales page looks like. once payment is secure the customer will be redirected to their product page to get access to their training.

And that’s it!

So when prospects land on your sales page and click the buy now button, you;ll receive notification that a purchase has been made and the customer will get access to their paid product and every ones happy!


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