Facebook Leads Factory Is Here – The Go-To Guide For Small Businesses on Facebook

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facebook for small businessWe all know that Facebook is not just for college-kids, wanna be entrepreneurs and desperate brands. Facebook is the mecca of social media marketing for small businesses. Any serious business owner realizes that if they are not leveraging Facebook for their small business, they are missing out on 845 millions opportunities to advertise for FREE!!

But what happens when you want to build a successful business on Facebook but can’t seem to grab the momentum and engagement needed to generate real leads and sales.

Knowing how to use your Facebook Page to engage, interact and communicate with potential customers is key to any successful business looking to promote, market and grow online.

Trust me – Using Facebook for your small business is not as intimidating as it looks – and if my three year old son can work an iPad you can navigate your way through a Facebook Fan Page. So if you are a small business owner, solo-entrepreneur, network marketer, athlete or brand that is still on the fence about Facebook or has built a page but abandoned it because you were not seeing the results you want – let’s bring your Facebook Game back to life!

Here’s a Sneak Peek Into The Facebook Leads Factory So You Know Exactly What To Expect!!

The Facebook Factor

Facebook is fast approaching One Billion members. Imagine what all those visitors, leads and customers will do for your small business.

Why Facebook For Business?

facebook for businessDiscover why Facebook is the most powerful marketing tool for the modern business and how this one website alone can become a top traffic source.

Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups

Discover the 3 basic ways of networking and connecting on Facebook and which one you can’t do business without.

Facebook Timelines

Learn the benefits of the new Facebook Timeline profile that helps you share your life story with friends, attract more leads and spotlight your value.

The Fan Page Advantage

Learn the definitive advantages of Pages that will help you connect your business to the people that count.

Defining Your Goals on Facebook

Position yourself for success on Facebook. Outline a clear vision for your business on Facebook to ensure success.

How To Set Up Your Page

Learn the tricks to customizing your Business Page to make sure you stand out in the increasingly noisy world of social media.

Facebook Insights

Get the nitty-gritty on Facebook Insights and how to use this powerful tool to help you optimize your content creation and how you engage on Facebook.

Facebook Welcome Tabs

welcome tabLearn how to create a killer welcome tab that generates leads and likes. Discover the tactics for creating landing tabs that attract the right people and increase optins.

Fan Page Lead Generation

Don’t have a Facebook optin strategy? We’ve got you covered. Learn the best strategies for building a Facebook following that translates into massive amounts of leads for your business.

Content Creation

When you can post status updates that direct thousands of leads at once to a capture page, you are building your list in such a powerful way. Discover the exact kind of content you need to create to generate buzz on Facebook.

Automating Facebook

Who has time to waste? Less work is the best work. Learn how to use the right tools to put Facebook on autopilot, so you always have current, value packed content streaming on your Page without the extra effort.

Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Dive into the details of how to engage, connect and get the conversation started with your Facebook community to create a thriving following and drive more free traffic to your Page.

Powerful Status Updates

Facebook can be a catch 22. No engagement means even less “face time” in the news feeds. Scoop up a few tips to get the conversation started so your Fan Page doesn’t become a ghost town.

30 Minute Marketing Map

Facebook marketing does not have to be time consuming but it does have to be productive. Learn the 30 minute system that will consistently give you most return for your efforts on Facebook.

How To Multiply Your Influence

The type of people who follow or friend you are more important than the numbers! Discover how the pros find industry leaders with the most clout and get the attention of people who matter.

Inside Out Facebook Promotion

Get famous on Facebook. Here we’ll reveal how you can strategically promote your brand and business inside and outside of Facebook for maximum exposure and engagement.

Website Integration

Leave the technical set-up to us. From autoresponder integration to widgets on your website. We’ll show you which social plugins are a must and all the places you can use them to up your social proof.

Turning Facebook Into A Sales Machine

facebook sales machineCan Facebook really make you money? Absolutely! We’ll show you how to turn engagement, likes and fans into profits…giving you step-by-step instructions on how to make it dummy-proof and as easy as possible for people to buy from you.

Facebook Metrics: How To Measure Success

We’re revealing the key factors to truly measuring your success on Facebook. We’ll teach you the numbers you’ll need to keep track of to ensure your marketing efforts are moving your business in the right direction.

What Not To Do On Facebook

Yes, there are things that you should not EVER do on Facebook. Learn how to keep from looking like an amateur on Facebook and being run out of town in shame because you didn’t know how to play by the rules!

Facebook Bonus

The Facebook Leads Factory is just the beginning. This book is the gateway to a lifetime of FREE bonuses, cheat sheets, tools and strategies that will only be revealed through our Exclusive Facebook Leads Factory Insider Community – which you will instantly become a VIP member of when you purchase this book!


AND So You Can Be 100% Sure Your Facebook Fan Page Rocks & Your Business Becomes Famous on Facebook…

In ADDITION to the training you’re about to get with Facebook Leads Factory you’re going to receive instant access to:

Bonus 1: The Facebook Marketing Lab

A collection of ALL-THINGS-FACEBOOK. This hidden page will have you drooling! Here you’ll find a vault of Facebook guides, tips, videos and more. As a Facebook Leads Factory Insider you’ll have unlimited access to exclusive Facebook training and tutorials. Use this page as your go-to-resource when it comes to building your business on Facebook!

How cool would it be to have 24/7 access to such awesome Facebook Marketing training – right at your fingertips!

Bonus 2: Facebook Chat-Ups Swipe File

Are your Facebook status updates getting no play? It’s time to get people talking. I’ve included my swipe file of Facebook Chat-Ups that will definitely get the conversation started. Full of great examples that you can literally cut and paste right into your Facebook status box, you’ll never have to worry about getting likes and comments again.

Say good bye to the tumbleweed sweeping through your Fan Page and get ready to be the life of the Facebook party!

Bonus 3: Facebook Marketing Schedule

Use this Facebook marketing schedule as your go-to guide to knowing when and where to post updates on Facebook. We’ll take all of the guess work out of your Facebook marketing routine so you know what to do when, where and how.

I’m making it as easy as possible for you to get in and get out while increasing your Facebook activity and creating the engagement you need to make a splash in your industry.

Get your on-demand digital copy of Andrea Bolder’s Facebook Leads Factory.

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