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Engagement is the holy grail of Facebook. It’s the one thing newbie marketers covet and the one thing seasoned Facebook users work so hard to maintain. Engagement is the key to Facebook success. If your fans are not liking, sharing, commenting, posting and raving about your Page content, you might as well be the wall flower at the party. You’ll find yourself at the party but not really working the party.

You have to work Facebook to get anything out if it and success doesn’t happen by chance, it is strategically planned and orchestrated. At the core of every successful Facebook marketing strategy is Conversation, Communication and Consistency.

Here are a few tips that you can implement today, to help you get the conversation started on your Facebook Page so you’re hearing more than the crickets!

Make sure to take note of the examples I share with you. They’ll give you some hints and clues as to why they are some of the most popular Pages on Facebook.

 1. Know Your Audience: Knowing your audience is crucial.  You can have the best Chat-Ups and questions ever, but if they are not attracting your ideal audience, they will fall flat. Do your research and find out what “type” of people following a specific page respond to. What works great for engaging them on one page, may not engage them on another page.

2. Question of the Day: Asking questions on Facebook is a great way to spark up activity and drive traffic to your Page. Post a question or do a Q &A Session where your fans get to ask you questions! Social Media Examiner does a great job when it comes to Q&A with the experts.

social media examiner Q&A

When asking questions on Facebook make sure to KISS.

Who do you have to win the football game on Sunday? vs. What did you think of the quarterback ratings from Sundays game?

Which one do you think will get the best response? The first one right!

Questions that require only one word answers are WAY better than questions that require you to right a thesis. So keep it short and sweet!

3. Hot Tip of The Day: Start your conversation with “Hot Tip of The Day” or depending on the niche you are in you may want to be more specific. If you are a mom working from home you can put “Hot Mompreneur Tip of The Day:” or “Mompreneur Quick Tip:”. Say you’re a author, you can ask questions  or post tips that are featured or discussed in your latest book. Charles J. Orlando, Author of The Problem With Women…Is Men.

the problem with women in men

This helps fans become familiar with your style and it keeps you communicating in a consistent way where your fans come to expect and actually look forward to the days when you give your free tips.

4. Breaking News: Staying consistent and up to date with current events, trends and movements helps to establish yourself as an expert and authority. Keep your ear to the pulse of what’s moving and shaking in your industry. Those that are the first to break news can become valuable, trusted source the others in the marketplace. So Stay in The Know!

5. Fill in The Blank: This is a great way to get people talking and to get a short response that is easy for people and fun.

6. Toolbox Tuesday: If you are in an industry where there are specific tools, applications, or software programs that add value to your business…share them with people. You can also ask people what tools they are using to get things done, to become more productive or that helps them to be more profitable.

7. Fun Fact Friday: People love facts! Share a fun fact or post a  “Did you know” type of post.

8. Deal of The Day: If you have the type of business where you offer promotions or deals on a regular basis, dedicate one day a week to sharing the latest deals. You can also share deals from other sources, retail outlets, etc withing your niche. This is really good for affiliate marketers who make a living promoting a lot of different products.

9. Photo or Video Day: Are taking pictures or shooting videos a big part of your business platform. Put them to good use by having a Photo Friday or Video Monday where you share your latest vlog post or share pictures.  Here is a great example of Zappos doing a Photo Friday, which always has some really great conversation starters to increase engagement among their fans.


10. Quote of the Day: This is a classic, but one that works really well. Share your favorite quote or come up with you own witty or insightful sayings to encourage and entertain others.

When Is The Best Time To Engage

The hardest part of building a wildly successful Page is knowing when to get the party started. Post 3-5 times a day, every day to get the momentum you need to get people involved. But what are the best times of day to engage on Facebook?

A study done by Buddy Media found that daily Facebook engagement has three peaks: early morning (7 a.m. EST), after work (5 p.m. EST) and late at night (11 p.m. EST). Therefore, posting all of your updates during the workday means you’re missing key opportunities to engage fans at non-work hours.

It may take a while, but keep it up. Try keeping  specific conversations or topics on certain days of the week. This not only helps you to be more consistent  it also helps you to focus on the type of content you are going to be adding to your page.

Like this video?  Want more Facebook Marketing tips?  Come join the conversation on my Facebook Page to get even more free training: http://www.facebook.com/thegoldmedalmarketer. See you there!


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