Content Creation is the new currency for online marketers looking to establish authority, attract prospects and generate income online.

Want to create a website? You need content. Want to create an eBooks? You need content. Want to be a career blogger? You need content. How about building an email list? You got it…you need content!

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How do you create content for your online marketing efforts?

There are a number of ways to write content and this page is going to give you insight on how to write content, how to get content written for you and how to create hypnotic headlines that attract the right prospects and skyrocket your sales!

7 Content Creation Tips Every Online Marketer Should Follow

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Over 200 Hypnotic Headlines That GET MORE TRAFFIC!

The better your headlines and subject lines, the more money you’ll make in your online marketing business. The words you use can greatly influence the your traffic, how many times your content gets read and the number of prospects you convert into buying customers… Continue Reading>>

repurpose blog content

30+ Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Content

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finding-blog content

21 Internet HotSpots To Finding Content For Your Small Business Blog!

Finding topics to blog about (especially if you want to post regularly) can be one of the most challenging obstacles small business marketers face and can often lead to you not blogging at all. Here are 21 Hotspots to finding content for you. Continue Reading>>

Social Media PLR

How To Make Money Online With Lead Generating PLR

Not a writer? Don’t have time to write? Maybe you can’t afford to outsource your writing. This makes you a good candidate for using PLR. Not everyone is good at creating quality content that is useful to it’s readers, which is why at times, it may be to your benefit to have someone else create it for you. Find out what you need to know about PLR here. Continue Reading>>

how to write a product review

How to Create A Perfect Product Review

If you are building your online business selling affiliate products, it is definitely in your best interest to learn how to to write a great product review. Product reviews are one of the easiest and more effective ways to drive traffic to your product pages. Learn how to create the perfect product review here. Continue Reading>>

Google Panda and Penguin SEO

SEO Content In The Post Panda and Penguin Era

With Panda, Penguin and all the other algorithm updates Google has implemented lately to increase the quality of content that ranks in the search engines, duplicate content online can cause your site to perform poorly. Find out exactly what duplicate content is and how you can avoid being penalized! Continue Reading>>