[hr] Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 1.36.17 PMANDREATV EPISODE #01 : How To Create Buzz For Your Business Using Social Media.

Social media marketing is a powerful way to generate buzz, create community and attract loyal followers and fans BUT viral social media marketing is one of those things everyone wants to be able to achieve but few know how to make happen. Here are a few key tips you need to know on what it really takes to create buzz online, an interactive community and have your brand and message go viral.


faith and trustANDREATV EPISODE #02 : How To Have Faith and Trust When Faced With Big Decisions

I wanted to share a quick message with you today about walking in Faith and Trust. What an ideal life we’d live if we always made the right moves, always made the best decisions, if we had 100% control over every outcome in every situation….BUT we don’t. In this video I share with you an important lesson in having faith so it doesn’t keep you paralyzed and closed off to future opportunities in your business and life!


online successANDREATV EPISODE #03 : The Missing Piece To Your Online Success

In today’s episode I wanted to share what I believe holds most people back from manifesting the success they desire in their online business. It’s my belief that when you begin to work you as a person you begin to attract more success, more money and better results….In this video I share with you the foundational piece a lot of people are missing and how you can get clear on your purpose and passion to drive results that set your business on fire!


list-buildingANDREATV EPISODE #04 : The Biggest Mistake I Made With My Blog 

When I started blogging about 3 years ago, the biggest mistake I made with my blog was …Not Building My Email List Sooner! I didn’t really focus on list building until I was almost a year into my blog journey. That is 12 months of lost time, lost subscribers, lost money. So to help you not make the mistake I made so early on I wanted to share my simple 4 step formula for building your email list….