3 Ways To Personalize Your Online Business To Drive More Traffic, Customers and Sales

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In the three short years I’ve been building my business online the Internet had changed so much. Just imagine how much different it was 5, 10, 15 years ago when there was no such thing as social media, blogs, or videos. Makes us wonder how home based business owners actually built successful businesses!!  Well with all the awesome ways we can connect online with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, InstaGram, Pinterest, WordPress, Email and more, there should be no reason WHY you can not be as successful as you want to be! 

The personal side of business (something many modern marketers have forgotten) is a critical to creating viral success online. No matter what you are writing about, promoting or selling online, adding a PERSONAL touch to every piece of content you put I front of your target audience should be a priority.

People want to connect with, learn and buy from people they know, like and trust. The only way to create this type of relationship with your audience is to get personal with them!

Let me share with you 3 ways you can drive traffic to your blog and social media sites, build a bigger email list and make more money STARTING TODAY!

3 Ways To Personalize Your Online Business To Drive More Traffic, Customers and Sales

1. Can you relate!

All people are looking is someone to relate to, someone just like them who can show them building a successful business online is possible. One of the BIGGEST keys to successfully building a business on the Internet is to connect with your audience and give them every opportunity to connect with you.

No one wants to do business with someone they don’t feel comfortable with. We live in an “all access” type of culture and we are marketing to people who love (and expect) to connect in a certain way. The Internet gives you immediate access everyone – from email, to Facebook pages and blogs. No one is a stranger on the Internet. Remember when your parents told you “Don’t talk to strangers”? Well if you are NOT talking to strangers online and building new relationships daily through social media you will be on the fast track to staying broke.

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Connecting Online is Easy

Making connections on the Internet is not hard. To increase engagement and buzz around your brand follow these simple steps:

  •  Check in every hour from 8 am- 8 pm for just 5 minutes.
  • Reply to comments,  answer questions, give encouragement and direct people to solutions that solve their problems.

Over the course of the day you will have spent only 1 hour actually doing “work” but the results can be life-changing and will skyrocket your results! That’s all it takes – one hour.

When you start getting PERSONAL with people, sharing your experiences, sharing your journey of creating her own business from home, sharing your skills, expertise and knowledge things will began to gain steam! Remember it’s all about being transparent and personal.

2. Connecting Through Technology

More than any other time in history, technology is being embraced by more and more people. Millions of people leave the house each day with a mobile phone attached to them. Why not connect with people through the technology they can’t live without! How often do you check your Facebook, Twitter, favorite websites and email through your smartphone or iPad. Facebook reports more than 600 MILLION MOBILE USERS and it’s critical for you, as a blogger and online business owner, to understand how to capitalize on this usage. People are not opening up newspapers and magazines to get their information, they are using their personal devices to get the information they need online.

People want information and solutions on the go and by building a personal connection with your audience through social networks, blogging and email your have the ability to FUEL a marketing message that produces the kind of monetary results you want. If your content provides value to their lives, they will come back, they will check in daily, they will become subscribers, they will purchase from you and refer others as well.

3. Set yourself apart by “Getting REAL”

Getting personal sets you apart

There are thousands (if not millions) of people competing for your audience’s time and attention. What is going to set you apart? What is going to get you noticed?

Getting personal and doing it in a very authentic, REAL way is the answer. People don’t want to be bombarded with product pitches all day long. You don’t go online because you want to read sales letters, you go online to connect with the people who can put a face on the solutions you want and need. You are looking for personal connections, for real life experiences and testimonies. You are looking for support and guidance.

So how do you make money if you are always giving encouragement, support and guidance. Well this is still a business and you will want to market your products and services, but do so with tact and moderation. As you promote your business online mention your product or service only about 10-20% of the time. That’s 1-2 mentions for every 10 pieces of content you post.

People will pay attention to what you’re selling if you pay attention to who they are and what they need!  Getting personal, engaging, and connecting on a daily basis will do WAY MORE for your business than any advertisement you can publish online. The Internet is the gateway to getting up-close and personal with people who are searching for what you have to offer. You can connect with people from all over the world in an instant!

So if all the technical know-how is not getting you the income you want, try injecting a little personality into your business and opening up the doors to engagement. That is the best way to increase traffic, build a bigger more responsive email list and make more money online!

Helping You Win Online,

Andrea Bolder
Gold Medal Olympian & World Class Online Marketing Trainer
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